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Travel fact of life:

Be prepared.

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Travel fact of life:

Introducing Travel Medic

A first aid kit and web based resource that aids travelers in having a small, but complete, array of prescription medications that might be needed while away from home.
Your personal medic

Your personal medic

Travel Medic is a first aid kit that helps you be prepared on the go. It's an entirely new kind of first aid kit, small but complete with a full array of prescription medications. The travel sized pouch helps you stay organized and prepared while away from home.

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation or trip. Skip those long and expensive hours waiting in urgent care or that unnecessary delay in searching for the right medication. Let Travel Medic become your personal medic.

Be prepared on the go

Contained in this kit are medications to treat nausea, pain, allergies, chest congestion, nervousness, jet-lag, indigestion, fever, viral infections, as well as both upper and lower body bacterial infections. You'll be able to treat the most frequent medical conditions affecting travelers in the northern hemisphere.

Be prepared on the go
Phil M
I don’t travel without this kit, just not worth the risk. Before I bought my Travel Medic kit, I missed out on two days of travel in Europe while under the weather. I will not travel without it… it’s just not worth chancing it.

– Phil M

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Travel Medic Kit
Travel Medic Kit Travel Medic Kit
This is not just another travel first aid kit. This is like no other kit, in that it is built with prescription medications.

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